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Welcome to the home of Naomi Susan Schwartz Jacobs' Uplifting Art website, your place for encountering art that is bright, cheering, and uplifting. Feel free to sign the Guestbook ! Email:

Here you may find artwork that can change both your mood and the mood of your living and working space. Artwork includes rainbow inspired works, energy art to enliven or soothe you, Jewish and Biblical art (including Kabbalah ), and paintings that can take you on a mystical journey both without and within.  Also be sure not to miss the wild scenes of weather landscapes, plants, and animals

Check out my Uplifting Art Blog  to learn more about how I create my artwork and where I am exhibiting. Also check out my Animations for a stimulating experience (WARNING: AVOID IF YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF SEIZURES) and My Art Video  for a soothing experience.  

You may also find me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. To see my older work and to order prints in a variety of forms (archival paper, canvas, metal, acrylic) please visit me at Fine Art America.

The painting you see above is Miriam's Well, which was featured in a Jewish Art Exhibit in Saint Louis in honor of Passover and will be featured in a published volume. You can read more about how I created Miriam's Well in the Jewish, Biblical and Kabbalah Gallery.



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Nice colors! I was wondering what is an "acrylic print?" Is that on canvas? Is that like a giclee? ? What would I get for $25?
-- Marianne, 6/4/14

Naomi Susan Schwartz Jacobs' Uplifting Art: Bright, Colorful Art That Boosts Your Mood

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